About Us


For the beginning we would just like to say Thank You for visiting our page and for reading this article at this very moment. Surely, there is some deeper reason for you stopping by and we’re very excited to be connected to you in the virtual world.

Simply described, we are a team who photographs weddings and participates in one of the most important days of your life. For us, connecting with the client and understanding the client has a cherishable value. We are curious to get an insight into your wishes, ideas and desires for your big day. We would like to know more about your plans, aspirations and artistic taste. All this is essential to us because it gives us the freedom of doing a coverage of your special day that expresses your personality and who you are. This way, we will be able to develop pictures that are unique and that represent only you and your special moments.


Our working system is based on a documentary approach. Every little something is a unique whole and represents a part of you and describes your character. Our working motto is to make picture speak for themselves and tell your story.

Due to nowadays busy life and jam that surrounds us every day, we become more aware of the fact that life is all about moments, emotions, laughter, tears .. and that’s it. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, there is only today and this very special moment… and this is where we step in. We enter and capture this very special and unique moment and all the little lovely, crazy, funny, emotional little things that are part of it and that makes it that special .. a gracious small flower on the table that smiles at you, the wind in your hair that reveals your natural beauty, the open window with the magical view, a tender kiss, a happy or a romantic dance, or simply….. the charm of a glance. Well, we can also capture the crazy drunk guy swinging at the room corner.

We enter a small dose of our art into every little thing that makes your wedding day. We get our inspirations from the old masters of film photography and we join them with your ideas and by this develop a unique product, specialized only for you… and that is what makes us special.


It have never crossed my mind that I would become a photographer one day. All of my life I was using camera only at birthdays and trips, until I got 22. In a way, studying art history has been the turning point for my interest in photography. At that time, I attended lectures about history of photography and was surrounded with photography admirers. After my graduation, I started to use the camera more frequently and I expanded my interest for portraits and interpretation of details. After that, I spent one year working as an assistant curator in a museum, where I had the chance to be in close contact with photography. There, I used to prepare exhibitions for independent photography artists. After I shoot a wedding of my friends four years ago I decided that this is what i want to do for the rest of my life. And since then, shooting weddings represents a huge challenge for my creativity.


My interest for photography has started back then at high school. I remember, I spent all my long time savings on my first, almost professional camera. I have always been in love with nature, hiking, long walks into the forest and watching the sunset from a mountain top. At such moments, my camera was always a good companion. After I finished my photography education, I started to spend more time in photo lab, developing films and getting more into the cross process. My first huge job was working on a photo monography of natural and cultural heritage of north-western Croatia. After that I got hired in several photo studios as an industrial photographer. One of my biggest passions in life is cooking, and luckily, I got the chance to shoot cooking manifestations.  Also, I participated in several international photography group exhibitions such as Rovinj Photodays. In my free time, I like to play frisbee, ping pong and have barbecue. Of course I capture it all with my camera.