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He is from Graz, she is from Leibnitz, and together they had a big wedding in Vienna. What an amazing day for us. It was a wonderful opportunity for the first time being Castle Eckartsau wedding photographer. Taking photos all day for these two beautiful people was totally exciting and fun.

They had a perfect plan and everything worked just very smoothly. The wedding day began with preparations in the city of Vienna, where the bride and groom were getting reday separately. They first met at an Orthodox church in the city center for the religious ceremony. After that they rented a jeep and drove to the location of Eckartsau Castle, where they had a civil wedding in the courtyard.

This is the story of bride and groom:

When we started planning our wedding, we couldn’t even imagine how beautiful this day would be. Very quickly we decided that we would not call it “the most perfect day” of our lives, as this seemed a bit delusional to us. But little did we know.

The planning process of this “project” was very smooth for us as we shared responsibilities and divided all tasks equally. I was surprised to see my husband that involved. It turned out that he was also the crazy person checking every single detail. Of course, we faced some difficulties and realized that planning a big wedding takes a lot of time and patience.

Our most important “rule” was to stay true to ourselves. Not let anybody tell us “what would be appropriate or good to do”. Our wedding day was a reflection of who we are as a couple and the wish to celebrate love with all our friends and family. For me it was very important to feel beautiful but still comfortable and “as normal” as usual. When I chose my wedding dress, I looked for something timeless that was in harmony with my personal style.
Same for my makeup – I did not want to look like an entirely different person on my wedding pictures.

Looking at our pictures and watching our wedding video make us realize how blessed we are. We have so many important people in our lives, who came to be part of our celebration. The pictures captured all the emotional and fun moments of this day and make these memories unforgettable. Let’s face it, it was the most beautiful day of our lives so far.

The day was full of surprises and in the end we were simply completely thrilled to be a castle eckartsau wedding photographer. Thank you D&F for choosing us.

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