Charming Summer Wedding on the Island

Charming summer wedding

John and Jennifer are an amazing couple that decided to get married on the island of Hvar in Croatia. It was early spring in the Adriatic Coast making it the perfect time to get married. The best part was that there were not many tourists in Croatia at that time of the year. Thus, they had plenty of privacy to organize they charming summer wedding on the island.

The beautiful couple arrived from Chicago, the USA to have a jaw-dropping destination wedding on the island of Hvar. The wedding was held at the quaint Saint Marak Church Courtyard. Although the couple had initially thought about getting married in Italy, from the moment they visited Croatia, they were blown away by the mouthwatering food, friendly locals, and the charming ambiance of old villages. It was this perfect combination that made John and Jennifer realize that Croatia was the ideal place to get married and declare their love for one another. They were one of the coolest couples that we got the chance to work with. 

Both John and Jennifer enjoyed their day no matter what. Even though there was no electricity for a few hours during the morning of the wedding day, the couple seemed at ease and did not stress about anything. With so much natural beauty and history on the island of Hvar, Croatia, the couple truly loved every single detail of their wedding. Their pictures reveal just how happy and relaxed they feel. The historic architecture with hints of greenery has been perfectly captured in the picture which truly makes their wedding a true destination wedding. There is plenty of inspiration for everyone from the pictures. John and Jennifer invited 58 people to the marvelous destination and all the guests seemed to love the simplicity and elegance of it all.

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