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Mountain couple photography

I can not imagine me not going to the mountains for a few month. I love to hike and while walking through the mountain trails, I truly enjoy the nature, and I just don’t think about anything. I am away from the noise, traffic and the chaos of loud noises and crowds. For me as a wedding photographer, traveling to the mountains and relaxing in the nature is more than welcomed.

Outside the season, I usually spend my time in the outdoors and this is how I ended up recently hiking with my friends across the Velebit Mountain tops.

Our journey began with the arrival to the canyon Paklenica (part of the National Park Paklenica). This is the starting point of all the paths through Velebit and this place is known as a place where the climbers from all over the world gather. But during our visit at this time of the year, there was literally nobody. We started our hiking journey by visiting the mountain house Ramic yard which is located at 550m above the sea level. There, we spend the morning enjoying the barbecue, good wine and laughter. Around noon we headed to the top of Anica kuk, the upper track Mala Mocila and Velika Mocila. This is precisely the southern part of Velebit and Anica Kuk (712 m) is one of the most interesting peaks for climbers and hikers. I visited it several times and each time it is a new challenge, a strength challenge, but once you reach the top and see the view of the Adriatic Sea and all the highest peaks of Velebit, it always pays the hard effort.

After several hours of ascent, we finally arrived and my friends, athletes and mountaineers did not hesitate to pose in front of my camera. The effort we invested to get to the top was reflected in each photo. The photo shoot was completely spontaneous and was enriched with the desire to perpetuate the hiking experience forever. Who would not have wanted photos in one of the most beautiful mountain tops! Right?

These photos were made from my love of the natural landscape, but also to portray the couple with whom I spend a lot of my free time. I hope you will like this series of photographs.



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Vladimir Mudrovcic
April 16, 2017

Great job guys!

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