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We share with you one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding in Slovenia, that we had the opportunity to attend last year. Beautiful wedding took place in the region between two rivers, Mura and Drava. It was a pleasant summer day, with lots of laughter and joy. Nina and Alex organized all themselves, and the bride herself designed the entire décor for this special day. After the church wedding, followed by a civil wedding at the estate of the ranch where the late celebration continued late into the night.

This is what the bride and groom said about their wedding:

Our love has developed slowly, day by day, and reflected in the tiny signs of attention. After our son was born our lives have completely changed and become much more beautiful. We got engaged and after five months decided to get married. It was a really big step for our relationship and the future. At that point we realized that are opening a new chapter in life. We wondered first, what type of wedding we want and where we want it. We decided that our wedding day will be simple, like ourselves. We picked the date, and then the place that reflects our character. We knew we would invest a great love and effort into every detail because it actually tells the story about us. As a perfect place for the ceremony and celebration, we choose a ranch. The most important thing it was beautifully decorated and has a homely atmosphere so our family and friends would feel comfortable. We cannot fully find the words to describe the emotions on your wedding day. Everything was like a fairy tale, moments that lasted a few seconds made this day memorable for a lifetime. The ambiance was breathtaking. On the lawn under the canopy trees decorated with jute curtains and woven hearts. Our guests were sitting on hay bales, and we added an antique table. Steps, smile, handholding, and the first kiss as husband and wife, hugs of nice people … We are really grateful.

slovenia wedding photographer

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