kitzbuehel wedding photographer

Kitzbuehel wedding photographer

Kitzbuehel wedding photographer

Weddings are sentimental, filled with emotions and we were lucky enough to get a chance of not only witnessing but capturing the utterly mesmerizing wedding of Lukas and Lucia. It was truly an experience that will be with us forever. We can still feel the positive vibes that was there throughout. Our handsome groom Lukas is from Austria and our stunning bride Lucia is from China. The couple lives in Tokyo but decided to have a church wedding in the hometown of the groom after having a grand traditional wedding in China. We consider ourselves lucky that we got a chance to become the Kitzbuehel Wedding Photographer.

This was our first mountain wedding and we truly value the suggestion of our client. Lukas had a whole plan in his mind, ready to be implemented in his dream wedding. We accomplish good ideas and same was the case when Lukas showed his interest in shooting at the top of Hahnenkamm mountain. It is almost at an altitude of 1,712 m. The shoot was perfect, because everything else was.

Wedding in mountains

Being a photographer can be a difficult job sometimes, but being the Kitzbuehel wedding photographer was nothing but soothing. The scenery, the couple, the family members, they all released such positive vibes that it seemed like we were shooting in heaven. Yes, and there is no exaggeration in it. Looking at the beauty of nature has always been a treat. With pure souls which became one in front of our eyes was definitely something to relish upon.

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Mountains and lake

From pre-wedding shoot of the bride and the groom in the mountains and around the lake, to the family shots in hotel room, and the church and post-wedding celebrations. We tried to capture every moment in its natural form. The love was in the air and we made every effort to save it in the photographs that the couple and their families can later on show to their children and let them know of this beautiful world that they were a part of.

Nothing can be more satisfying than to have clients whom you can resonate with for a photographer. Being a photographer in Kitzbuehel provided us with exactly the kind of environment that we appreciate. In return we used all of our energy in making their special day even more precious. It can be witnessed in the photographs or we should say the moments that we captured for this beautiful couple. From the intimacy between them, to the sweet romantic gestures and the shine in their eyes, it is all there.

The groom chose the location of Kitzbuehel very carefully for the church wedding in his hometown Austria. The rationale behind it is the list of reasons for which Kitzbuehel hotel is known. Famous for the tourism purposes, the Europeans love the resort for offering activities. Skiing, tennis, polo and much more in the summers. Since the bride’s family and friends travelled all the way from China for this wedding, nothing could have been better than having them at this beautiful resort.

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